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Atlantis Eyecare Long Beach is home to some of the most high-tech eye care equipment available and also some of the best eye doctors Long Beach has to offer. Our team of doctors have decades of experience under their belt, contributing to their competence and expertise. We are among the leading specialists in glaucoma treatment, LASIK, retina care, and are some of the best at cataract surgery in Long Beach.

These are just a few services we provide and how we have made Atlantis Eyecare Long Beach a world-class destination for those seeking the very best in Long Beach eye care.

Top Eye care services

Regular Eye Exams

You should always start with a routine, comprehensive eye exam in Long Beach if it is your first time with Atlantis Eyecare. Sometimes the best way to take care of our eyes is by staying ahead of diseases and deterioration with excellent preventative care. If you are a Long Beach resident seeking a regular optometrist to go to for your eye examinations, look to the experienced & friendly optometrists at Atlantis Eyecare center. If Long Beach is not the most convenient location for your general eye check ups, please try browsing through our list of optometry locations spanning across South Bay & Orange County.

Glaucoma Treatment in Long Beach

In addition, we offer glaucoma treatments to our Long Beach patients. Living with glaucoma can often take patients by surprise because it is considered the silent disease, since it can only be detected in early stages (when it is much easier to treat). This is why it is absolutely imperative to have those regular eye exams at any one of our convenient OC optometry locations.

If you or a loved one have glaucoma, our skilled Long Beach eye doctors offer some of the most comprehensive glaucoma treatment in Long Beach.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Not only do we provide world-class glaucoma treatments & other general eye services, but our Long Beach LASIK technicians have performed thousands of procedures, ensuring our patients will receive the finest care available, no matter what your eye condition is. If you are a Long Beach resident considering LASIK eye surgery to correct your vision, be sure to book a consultation with Atlantis Eyecare in Long Beach or any other one of our locations that is most convenient for you.


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